UbiBrowser: known and predicted human ubiquitin ligase (E3) - substrate interaction

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UbiBrowser is a resource of known and predicted human ubiquitin ligase (E3) - substrate interaction network.

The E3-substrate interactions are derived from six data sources: mannual cruration, protein ortholog, protein domain, protein motif and network topology.

A computational framework is used to to combine multiple biological evidences to generate a confidence score using Naïve Bayesian Network. 397,496 predicted and mannually crurated human E3-substrate can be explored in the current version. More..

UbiBrowser has been developed at Beijing proteome research center (BPRC).

Browser compatibility: we support the latest versions of the Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer (version 10 and 11).

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Notice: UbiBrowser will be moved to new url: http://ubibrowser.ncpsb.org.cn

Comments and questions please send e-mail to liyang_bprc@163.com

Citation: Yang Li#, Ping Xie#, Liang Lu#, Jian Wang, Lihong Diao, Zhongyang Liu, Feifei Guo, Yangzhige He, Yuan Liu, Qin Huang, Han Liang, Dong Li*, and Fuchu He* . An integrated bioinformatics platform for investigating the human E3 ubiquitin ligase-substrate interaction network[J]. Nature Communications, 2017, 8. (# Contributed equally.   * Corresponding author)

#2015.04.01 UbiBrowser was onlined at Apr.1 2015

#2015.07.01 UbiBrowser can be used to predict the substrates for a query E3.

#2017.08.24 The article of UbiBrowser was published on Nature Communications.

This work is funded by the:

Program of International S&T Cooperation (2014DFB30020)
National Natural Science Foundation of China (31271407)
Chinese National Key Program of Basic Research (2012CB910300)


Number of all E3-substrate interactions380,546
Number of E3-substrate interactions from literature1,315
Number of predicted High confidence E3-substrate interactions14,419
Number of predicted E3 recognizing motifs10,480
Number of predicted E3 substrate interacting domain pairs3,856